I am a cosplayer, I am lover of bjds now owing 3 lovely sooms, I love conventions , I have so meny fandoms thundercats, mlp, fmp battle angle alita, cars, rats, making stuff I am a busy random guy that likes to enjoy or build stuff and this is my blog ^^ it started as a blog for my depression that I have but things got better and now this is my little blog ^^

Welcomes to all :)

Tho porn bloggers stop following please lol

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Applied for a job 

Not only was the ad in comic sans, the email reply was also in comic sans


New ambition>take over from whomever is responsible so I can change the font

Send your cv in wingdings

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It’s my birthday in two days
I’m starting to get excited :3
I’m going out for food with my old friends from college
But then it’s not much longer to wait until I get to go to Sheffield expo and have my mini birthday party with shadowdashie kashmeow and havanasaur

Happy! :D

Erm forgetting birthday spoiling weekend also :p

Tho expo and party going to be epic